Monday, September 27, 2010

Arora 0.11.0!

Packages are available on

Over the past ten months Arora has received a small but steady trickle of commits. With the release of Qt 4.7.0 the current Arora 0.10.2 can not be compiled with the current Qt* so it was time to package up the current source in Git into a release.


* due to the addition of a define in QtWebKit that already existed in Arora.


When the privacy indicator is visible clicking on it will result in private mode being turned off.
Add a way to modify the user agent string from within the application.
Support arguments for the external download program
Tweak the adblock dialog spacing and size.
Change the AdBlock dialog to use a simple check box instead of a group box.
Replace Stopped with Download Complete (like in ffx it's less confusing )
Update the copyright year in the about dialog to include 2010
Issue: 768: Fix spelling mistake
Issue: 821: Sort columns in cookie dialog by data values instead of string value. This fixes the dates being alphanumerically sorted.

Behind the scene:
Issue: 891: Fix Text Encoding to work correctly
Issue: 826: Correctly save the history state of a tab when using Qt 4.6
Fix build breakage with QtWebKit 2.0.
Remove remnant of delayed QWebView creation. Fixes tab restore again.
Style fix: convert tabs to spaces.

Build system:
Add an application icon for os2.
For finding the locale tools on os2 behave like win32
When building in debug mode on OS2 just like with Windows enable the console.
Move Arora's hooks to the git-hooks format to utilize git-hooks (See:
Default to lrelease and not lrelease-qt4 on non unix platforms.
Enable the raster graphics system by default for X11

Make "Show Hidden Files" translatable.
Issue: 811: Fix typos in the German translation
Replaced "leichtgewichtiger" with "schlanker" in translation with source "Lightweight WebKit-based wen browser"
Fixed capitalization typo whare the word "Tab" began with a lowercase "t"
Renamed Dutch translation file from nl_BE to nl.


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Christopher Eby Christopher Eby

Kristof Bal Kristof Bal

Jakub Wieczorek Jakub Wieczorek

John Wimer John Wimer

Benjamin Poulain Benjamin Poulain

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