Sunday, December 6, 2009

Arora 0.10.2!

Packages are available on

Over the past year when compiling with Qt 4.6 Arora had been using a number of new API's. Shortly before 4.6.0 was released all the new API's went through several rounds of API reviews and were improved. Shortly after the changes were made Arora's code has been updated to reflect the new api. This is also why 0.10.1 doesn't build on the older Qt 4.6 release candidate for those who have seen that build errors. With Qt 4.6.0 released there is the need for a new minor package of Arora that includes updates to the final Qt 4.6 api and I included one segfault fix. The changelog is nice and small :)

- Fix build breakage due to final API changes in Qt 4.6.0
- A segfault that could occur when opening a URL on a new window from the command-line.

I also though I should try to list some of the new features users will be getting once they upgrade to Qt 4.6.0 (Arora needs to be compiled against 4.6 also)

In Arora itself:
- The about dialog will now include the webkit version (532.4 in Qt 4.6.0 btw)
- On KDE you will find icons in the menu's
- Adblock will hide element's that are blocked
- The history of the back and forward buttons will be saved across sessions and when you re-open a closed tab.
- Javascript that is hanging the browser will be caught
- You can right click on any form and add it to the search box
- You can choose the default text encoding
- Use the keyboard to navigate links with Access keys
- The ability to highlight everything found when searching the page

In QtWebKit and Qt you will find many more updates that are worth talking about. QtWebKit has improved a lot in the last year. The rendering is a lot better, more tests are passing, using less memory, all new inspector features, and more. Qt's network has got an upgrade and includes pipelining, the ability to set the number of connections, and other improvements that make it faster. For more details checkout the Qt 4.6.0 changelog QtWebKit 4.6 feature wiki page



mariuz said...

can you disable access keys by default , I like them but only if i want them , it drives me crazzy when i try to copy paste text or when when are many links on page (small delay to paint them)
it should be an option in config (visual) so if you want them then you can enable them

jekader said...

thanks, a new release is always great news!

I use arora as my primary browser for a few months already, and it keeps getting better and better!

mariuz said...

in Ubuntu Lucid lynx is included by default :) with qt 4.6

For Karmic i have created an ppa with qt 4.6 and latest arora

kahlil.moonwalker said...

Any chance of updating the Windows build?

Anonymous said...

Hi friends Arora for PC-BSD UNIX 7.x

Erv said...

Any chance of updating the Windows build? I know theres been a lot of bug fixes since 10.1.

michelangelo giacomelli said...

There is a way to have small icon on toolbar? they are too big.