Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Haiku Qt Port

Over on OS News there is a story about Qt 4 being ported to Haiku and has a nice screenshot of Arora running. There is even a package you can download and try out. Looking at the screenshot there are various things in the style that are falling back to the Qt default, no doubt as time goes by the port will be improved and Qt applications including Arora will integrate better and better with the desktop. Congratulations on the new port!


mariuz said...
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mariuz said...

Also is now on

tinman321 said...

russian language detected, here is some lulz

and of course, thx for development

jekader said...

tinman321 - опа :D и вправду!

I think it's good news for all the three projects - haiku, qt and arora :)

Need to try arora in ReactOS - the last time I did it, it didn't work.

tinman321 said...

@ jekader: ага, сейчас мы договоримся и на нас натравят бансет

Is Qt ported to ReactOS?? I don't know that fact.

jekader said...

tinman321 - и правильно сделают. От этих русских добра не жди! ;)

There are no "ports" to reactOS - the windows builds must work there.

PS - tried to install ReactOS to real hardware yesterday - no luck :(
PPS - successfully installed Haiku R1 beta1 on that same hardware. The system looks nice. Didn't understand it's benefits though. So I don't currently understand the need to simply port *nix software there.... I like the way Arora works under linux :)

Josh Robertson said...

Yay! I love Arora!