Monday, October 5, 2009

Arora 0.10.1!

Packages are available on

Two major issues combined with some late translations resulted in several evenings concentrating on fixing bugs that could go in a .1 release. The results of which are Arora 0.10.1. Enjoy!

The major issues:
Issue 666: Some sites like were showing a "SSL handshake failure". With the new NetworkAccessManagerProxy the signals were being sent to the proxy and not the primary networkaccessmanager.
Issue 683: Arora crashes when using privacy mode.
When switching to private mode the primary networkaccessmanagers swaps cookiejar's which caused a segfault. Introduce a CookieJarProxy class which will pass the cookie requests to the primary networkaccessmanager's cookiejar.

Add Portuguese translation from Américo Monteiro
Updated Turkish translation from Mehmet Nur Olcay
Issue 682,677: Fix several FR spelling mistakes.

Fixed Issues:
Issue 79: Only tab down the completer when the popup is visible.
Issue 221: When using Qt 4.6 hardcode a webpage to have a white background even when using a dark theme.
Issue 472: Set the url on the location bar that matches the webview that we are loading the url in, not in the current location bar which might not be the correct one.
Issue 637: Startup Crash with Qt 4.5.0 (not with any other Qt version)
Issue 679: Selecting Show only one close button instead of one for each tab requires an application restart to be applied.
Issue 676: Fix's login saving and improve the Wallet password dialog when finding the login name.
Rather than using the document.form[0].name use document.form[0].elements["name"] this allows the name to contain things such as []'s without causing a problem.


Sam said...

Still no OSX binary... :(

Jan said...

That was fast!

Great job, Arora is becoming a really great browser. I'm already using it in all of my computers. Thanks!

erik said...

Still no OSX binary... :(

Sam said...

Yay! OS X binary! Thank you!

mariuz said...

arora 0.X.1 seems to be included in Ubuntu karmic
so i will upload in my ppa the release for jaunty and intrepid , also with qt4.5.3

jekader said...

Thanks again for doing a great job! Since 0.10.0 I'm already switching to Arora as the main browser. Still getting some issues, and filing those to the bugtracker.

PS - please delete the spam posts in the comments!

mariuz said...

what webit version is used ?
i want to post it to wikipedia webkit browser table

maybe we need something like this table

Anonymous said...

64-bit support on debain?

kahlil.moonwalker said...

When can the Windows users expect a binary?

mariuz said...

arora with qt 4.6 recompiled for ubuntu karmic is now available

mariuz said...

qt 4.6 rc with arora browser 0.10.1 is now uploaded for #ubuntu #karmic , this version is faster than beta #WebKit version: 532.4 vs 532.1