Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Icons In the Menu's

One of the things that I heard when asking how to improve the KDE4 integration was that without icons in the menus it didn't look like a KDE application. Happily in Qt 4.6 there is a collection of new functions that have been added to QIcon. In particular QIcon::fromTheme() was the function I needed to populate Arora's menus with the correct icons from the current KDE and Gnome theme.




Davide said...

I use arora since 0.3 from git and i really like your job, i'm compiling it quite every day looking forward to install it on every computer I can!!! Still have some issues but i hope in just a few version to see a pair competitor to firefox!!! ;) good luck!

Anonymous said...

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Sam said...

Much prettier. Feels like a real program now. I don't know why, icons add a proffesional touch.

Kenneth Rohde Christiansen said...

You should keep in mind that GNOME have decided to not use menu icons anymore, just take a look at their latest release.

jensbw said...

Indeed. In 4.6 QGtkStyle checks your GNOME desktop settings and hides menu icons and standard button icons depending on these settings (and which version of GNOME you have) unless you make them explicit.

Benjamin: if you are _not_ running 4.6 and other Gtk+ applications _do_ show icons. I would like to get a bugreport :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I didn't know they had this in Qt. I've been working on a music player, and I wasn't sure how to license the Oxygen icons, so I had to doodle my own play / pause / etc. Now I'll just use QIcon to grab whatever the system has. Any idea what it does on Windows, though?