Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hanging Javascript

Occasionally you run across a web page that has some Javascript that can run for a long time, potentially hanging the browser. In Qt 4.6 there is a new function QWebPage::shouldInterruptJavaScript which by default pops up a dialog so the user can stop the JavaScript that is causing the issue. Of course no new feature blog is complete without a screenshot:


Anonymous said...

Congratulation for the great work!..

but have a question... i want to make a explorer (easy, free and made for people without a monster pc). but i don´t know how do that.

But i wondered if possible use the source code to make a derivate version of the explorer.

I have 17 years old, i come from Chile and i can help you in traslate the explorer to the Spanish..

What do you think?...

If you are interested, send me a email at

Best regards,

Manuel M.

Benjamin Meyer said...

@k2gnf If you follow the license of the source code in Arora you can make a fork to do whatever you want. We are always looking for help with translations, you can find out more on the translation wiki page: