Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Some Linux Desktop Improvements

Recently a handful of fixes went in that help improve Arora across the Linux desktop. Highlighting a few of them:

LocationBar in KDE's Oxygen Style

In the current version when using Arora with Oxygen the background was painted outside of the line edit. Turns out this was a bug in Arora's LineEdit. After fixing that we look much better.

Default Browser in Gnome

Recently we got a patch that adds the xml file needed so show up in the Gnome preferred application dialog.

Man pages

Arora ships with some utility tools. I finally sat down and wrote up some man pages to ship with them when they are installed, resolving those Debian package warnings :).


Sterling Winter said...

Does that LineEdit fix also apply to text entry boxes in web pages, such as the one I'm typing in right now? :) Oxygen's glowing focus ring appears on the inside of the box's border instead of the outside.

Also, is the Oxygen tabs ugliness fixable, or is that an upstream problem?

(Note for the afflicted: None of these issues plague the QtCurve theme.)

Sterling Winter said...

Correction: The focus ring should be on the inside -- it's the text that's spilling out beyond the top and left borders by a couple of pixels or so.

Sam said...

Yay! Little fixes are awesome!

(p.s. totally serious, thats why I'm excited for osx snow leopard and the 100 papercuts project)

tobami said...

Awesome. A couple more features (spellchecking!) and little fixes like this and Arora will be ready for prime time. I can't wait to try out Arora 0.8 with Qt4.6!.

btw. there is a feature you haven't written much about: The Web Inspector. I have checked it and it is really great, much better than what konqueror had. It just needs a little more love and I can imagine using it instead of firebug!.

Great work!