Monday, July 6, 2009

Searching becomes even easier!

Since 0.7 Arora has supported the OpenSearch format as description format for search engines, that can be used in the toolbar search. This gave you the ability to add new search engines to the default set as long as someone has created an XML file describing the search engine you would like to have and has put it up somewhere. But what if this isn't the case? What if you realize that there is no description file for your favourite search engine out there? 0.8 will address this problem. The bad news is that the feature described below can be used only when compiling Arora against Qt 4.6 or WebKit trunk.

Now you will be able to create a new search engine from a form that appears on a website. When you right-click on the input field, you'll notice a new option in the context menu:

Having clicked on the option, you'll be asked to choose a name for your new engine. And that's all. Now the new search engine will be available in the menu in the toolbar search:

There are two circumstances under which the above procedure will most likely fail:
- The search engine uses POST method - unfortunately search engines using POST aren't supported in Arora yet.
- The form is handled by some other JavaScript code before it is actually sent to the server - here the result is unexpected.

Another search-related feature that will be part of 0.8 is location bar fallback. If you type in a plain text in the location bar, it will be searched using the active search engine. It is configurable and disabled by default.


Alexandre said...

That's great but it would be even better with web shortcuts like

gg:test (konqueror like)
g test (opera like)

from the address bar.

NSaibot said...

i fully agree with Alexandre. why introduce another lineedit field if you already have one? and why not make the menuBar() a QToolBar, so that we can move and place other toolbars in the same row?

Sterling Winter said...

And I fully agree with NSaibot. :)

With my 1280x800 screen vertical space is precious, so in Firefox I usually reclaim an entire line by disabling the navigation panel and moving its constituent widgets to the right of the menus in the menubar (I also have an add-on which lets me remove menu items I don't use like "History" and "Help"). I'd love to have this ability in Arora.

Alexandre said...

Fully agree.

See the screenshot: