Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Location Bar in 0.8

Location bar is this part of Arora's GUI that has received the most care last weeks. Apart from the bug fixes that Ben blogged about yesterday and the location bar fallback feature that was mentioned two days ago, it will now have a way better autocompleter. Much thanks to Benjamin K. Stuhl, who is the author of completion improvements.

In previous releases the completer's matching algorithm was trivial and poor at once. First off, the old method was only matching URLs that were starting with what user has typed in the location bar. The completion results were sorted by recency, which wasn't bad but not sufficient.

Now it finally gives the user much more accurate completion results. The completer performs a full-text search of both URLs and page titles and sorts the results by a specific metric which is a combination of frequency and recency of visiting specific URLs. This way more interesting hits are at the top of the list. It also prioritizes full-word matches over random substrings so that e.g. "dot" matches "" better than "".

Apart from the internal changes, the location bar autocompleter looks better now. It displays both URLs and titles of matched history entries in two columns.

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h3llm17 said...

will we be seeing a .dmg of 0.8?
(please!! :P)