Saturday, July 18, 2009

Directory Listing

For all network related tasks Arora uses QNetworkAccessManager Unfortunately it currently does not support a way to list directories out of the box in Qt 4.5. Because QNetworkAccessManager is used in other things besides browsers it isn't sure the proper way to return a directory listing. In our case we want to turn directory listings into a webpage that users can click on. We just recently merged a branch into Arora that gives us a way to overload the file scheme and generate a web page for local file browsing. Currently the page is very simple so if you know some html and javascript and would like to make it a bit fancier (such as adding a checkbox to show/hide hidden files) grab the current git, submit a new html file to the arora-dev mailinglist and we will merge it in.

Also this is the last call for translations before we release 0.8.0. If you would like to contribute a new translation or update an old one, do so asap to make the release.


Anonymous said...

Hello! I use Arora and it makes my life easier! But I have a cuestion: Arora 0.8 is available now or It will be available soon? Please if you can, answer :).
My e-mail is

Anonymous said...

Arora is shaping up nicely. Can you (any developer) comment on the following:

1.) Will you merge with Rekonq? Or are you simply going to improve the KDE integration (I think that's what Rekonq was/is for)? Because I think mostly KDE users will be interested in the browser.

2.) Any plans for extension support? Well, I and many other only really need Adblock (that supports the easylist), so if a simple Adblock was integrated that would do the job aswell.

I also hope that in the future less features will need upcoming Qt versions that are still far away to work properly :)

Keep up your great work!