Saturday, July 18, 2009

Directory Listing

For all network related tasks Arora uses QNetworkAccessManager Unfortunately it currently does not support a way to list directories out of the box in Qt 4.5. Because QNetworkAccessManager is used in other things besides browsers it isn't sure the proper way to return a directory listing. In our case we want to turn directory listings into a webpage that users can click on. We just recently merged a branch into Arora that gives us a way to overload the file scheme and generate a web page for local file browsing. Currently the page is very simple so if you know some html and javascript and would like to make it a bit fancier (such as adding a checkbox to show/hide hidden files) grab the current git, submit a new html file to the arora-dev mailinglist and we will merge it in.

Also this is the last call for translations before we release 0.8.0. If you would like to contribute a new translation or update an old one, do so asap to make the release.


Anonymous said...

Hello! I use Arora and it makes my life easier! But I have a cuestion: Arora 0.8 is available now or It will be available soon? Please if you can, answer :).
My e-mail is

Anonymous said...

Arora is shaping up nicely. Can you (any developer) comment on the following:

1.) Will you merge with Rekonq? Or are you simply going to improve the KDE integration (I think that's what Rekonq was/is for)? Because I think mostly KDE users will be interested in the browser.

2.) Any plans for extension support? Well, I and many other only really need Adblock (that supports the easylist), so if a simple Adblock was integrated that would do the job aswell.

I also hope that in the future less features will need upcoming Qt versions that are still far away to work properly :)

Keep up your great work!

Benjamin Meyer said...

@Nachh: released!

@Dennis Martin

1) We will of course work with KDE/Oxygen/Qt to make Arora (and all Qt apps) better integrate with KDE out of the box. After Rekonq adds the extra KDE bits and gets working cross platform and cross desktop then merging the projects would be on the table.

A lot of the new features rely upon Qt 4.6 because of the new DOM api which was a major missing piece of QtWebKit. We are working to get a lot of the missing api in now so we can use in in the future. I don't expect this many feature to require a future Qt version.