Saturday, May 30, 2009

Arora 0.7.1

There were two build errors in Arora 0.7.0.

- On Windows 0.7.0 didn't compile
- The build would sometimes fail when using make -jX where X is greater then 1.

0.7.1. Fixes both of these issues and you can download it from



PaweĊ‚ said...

It's great. How about multimedia (included Flash) support with phonon? In minitube does it work.

clith said...

Mac build?

Anonymous said...

Arora is really great! With it's webkit engine I can surf most web pages without problems. How about Gnash/Klash support? Do you plan to support Konqueror plugins in Arora?
One more thing - many people (as I am) really need "useragent switcher" option in Arora. It's great browser but there are some important pages (esspesially online transaction/banking etc.) which are profiled for specified browser and refuse to work in others and unfortunately their authors doesn't want to support other browsers. I've used it in Konqueror to "simulate" Firefox. And the last most needed feature is to reopen last opened tabs at start after closing the browser. With the mentioned option I could use Arora as Konqueror/Firefox replacement. Thanks and keep up great work.

Georg said...

Kudos for the Arora developers! I just discovered it and I love it. Keep up the good work! :D