Thursday, May 7, 2009


When using Arora with Qt 4.5.1 after a little while pages will stop rendering. This is because of a bug in 4.5.1 where renaming a file will cause the file descriptor to not be closed. QNetworkDiskCache is a simple cache and uses QTemporaryFile's for each new cached file and eventually the kernel wont let QNetworkDiskCache open a cache file because all of the previous files were not closed by Qt. When running against Qt 4.5.1 Arora will now disable the disk cache. This is the only change in 0.6.1. In the current version from Git, what will become 0.7.0 you can also now disable the disk cache and configure the size in the settings.

You can get the source tarball for 0.6.1 from

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