Monday, April 27, 2009

Qt 4.5.1 & Cookies

This past week Qt 4.5.1 was released by Nokia. In that release is a number of fixes for cookies issues for both Qt and QtWebKit including:

Pages that are in inside of an iframes that set cookies where having them set to the wrong path. This was seen on a number of sites that used the same method for providing a login box.

Sites that send multiple cookies were having only the first cookie being set and the rest were dropped.

And the most common cookie issue: Cookies with an expiration date that is not in a valid format were getting rejected. Unfortunately browsers such as Firefox support way more then the spec allows. I put together a new date parser that can parse cookies that Firefox can parse which is just about anything.

With these fixes a number of the reported cookie issues have been fixed for both Arora's users and anyone using QtWebKit in their application. It is highly recommended to upgrade to 4.5.1 when you can.