Sunday, March 22, 2009

Google Suggest made even easier

Over on Qt Labs Ariya made a blog entry "Google Suggest made easy" where he shows off a little application that has a line edit and will display in a drop down Google suggestions. With the comment that "I plan to add to the browser demo for Qt 4.6" and it being such a small feature I think Arora should have it today.

I created my own implementation for the utililty directory of arora. Everything in the utils directory of Arora is under the BSD license so it can be easily reused by other applications. GoogleSuggest is a QObject subclass with a slot suggest(QString), and a signal suggestions(QStringList suggestions, QString searchText). This makes it easy to plug into existing applications. To go with this class there is a manual test (all utility classes have manualtests and or autotests) there is a command line tool that outputs the suggestions of the arguments.
./googlesuggest family
family guy
family guy episodes
family tree
family feud
family dollar
family video
family watch dog
family fun
family quotes

Using this class the toolbar search in Arora now shows off Google Suggest.

Also tonight we are freezing the strings in Arora for a week before releasing 0.6 so we can get updated translations. If you are interested in helping out with a translation checkout the translating wiki page.


Daniƫl said...

I like the implementation in Firefox better: Just show the recent searches above and the other searches beneath and divide them with a line. Maybe you can also give the recent searches an other color.

Anonymous said...

it's going to be a great browser...QT is so powerful...

I am a launchpad translator, so, when I'll find some time, I'll translate Arora into Polish

Best regards