Friday, February 20, 2009


After much too long Arora 0.5 has finally been tagged. This release contains a lot of fixes and polish to its existing features. The biggest visual addition is the Network tool which lets you monitor network traffic. Behind the scene the biggest change is the addition of a new cookie jar. When using 0.5 if you see any site that complains of cookies please report it and it will be investigated. You can download the Arora 0.5 source from the project site. Binaries for your favorite distro should be appearing soon (and if it is missing feel free to contribute one!).

0.5 Changelog

- Add new Network Access Monitor tool that shows each network request as it passes.
- Added option for showing only one close Button
- Don't add empty tabs if closed to recently closed tabs menu.
- Support HTTP proxies which listen in ports higher than 10000
- Save more space in full screen mode - hide menu and status bars.
- Added an option in source viewer menu for wrapping code lines.
- Open pages from autocompletion list directly instead of filling the bar with their addresses.

- Don't show Open actions if the item is a Folder in the Bookmark Manager
- Allow filtering bookmarks and histories by URLs as well.
- Add drag functionality to Bookmark and History menu's
- Allow selecting multiple bookmarks when ctrl is pressed.
- Added support for renaming bookmarks through their context menus.
- Expanded bookmark menu - added Change URL and made Rename displayed also on folders.
- Allow for unlimited bookmarks in a folder on bookmark bar

- Added privacy indicator to the location bar
- Uncheck the privacy action when user aborts initial private browsing dialog.
- When enabling or disabling private browsing only the checkbox on the current window is updated

- Display missing Copy action in context menu if a link is selected.
- Make tab reload action in the context menu work
- Fix Middleclick on open tab to not have inconsistent behavior.
- On some web pages, middle-clicking a link opened it in the same window.
- Refined drag & drop handling in bookmarks toolbar. Fixed a bug, when page was assigned to inappropriate folder due to more than one folder having same name.
- Implement simple context menu in bookmarks toolbar. Let user change bookmark URL in Add Bookmark dialog.

Behind the scenes
- Brand new more compliant, faster cookie jar
- Brand new Language Manager which selects the correct language on start and lets you choose a different language via the Help menu.
- Separate the cookie classes into separate files.
- Fix a memory leak when creating the context menu under Qt 4.5+
- LineEdit utility class is now under the BSD license
- The error web pages are now translatable.
- Encode urls rather then use toString in various places to prevent loss of url data.
- When using foreach try to use a const reference so a copy isn't made (slower) compared to the reference (faster).
- Add a new tool to convert bookmarks that are in the html format into the XBel format (not used in Arora yet).
- Various code style and general keeping the code clean fixes
- Add Implementation to get the current username on Windows for the single application

Build system
- Add script to build OS X package using the new macdeployqt tool in Qt 4.5
- Building with QT_STRICT_ITERATORS to catch errors.
- Enhance support for building with multiple WebKit trunk branches
- Adds the ability to generate code documentation with doxygen

A big thanks to everyone who has contributed to this release.

Arora Authors:
Benjamin C Meyer
Diego Iastrubni
Jason A. Donenfeld
Jakub Wieczorek
Jakub Lužný
Christian Franke
Matvey Kozhev
Adam Treat
Tor Arne Vestbø
Ariya Hidayat
Josef Kufner
Benjamin K. Stuhl
Janusz Lewandowski
Daniel Albuschat
Vincenzo Reale
John Schember
Chris Lee
Alexandre Bique
Zack Rusin
Tom Gundersen
Simon Hausmann
Richard Moore
Raphael Kubo da Costa
Pavol Rusnak
Paul Olav Tvete
Marius Bugge Monsen
Gergely Nagy
Chris Hills
Carlos Júnior

Join the party on freenode in #arora as we begin work on 0.6.