Friday, January 30, 2009

New Network Monitor Tool

Merged in a little networking tool to Arora this evening. The Network Monitor logs all the QNetworkRequests and QNetworkReply's that are sent while the window is open. You can inspect all of the headers that are sent and received and search the requests. This is really a developer tool that will help make it easier to debug network related issues with Arora. Before anyone asks because this is a debugging tool once the plugin system is more fully finished it will most likely be moved out and made into a plugin. Thanks goes out to Richard Moore who started the work on this tool.

Related to this recently an experimental cookie jar has been put into Arora. If you have any login issues on websites when using the Arora found on GitHub (not the 0.4 release) with this new cookie jar please file a bug so that it can be investigated.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Modern Webkit browser on Windows 98

Thanks to cfchris6 who compiled a binary of Arora that runs on Windows98. Looking around there are not too many options for modern browsers on Win9x. Even I.E., FireFox, and Chrome all do not support it, but there are still Win9x boxes out there, guess the question is if they would want a modern browser or if they are happy with what they have.