Thursday, October 2, 2008

QtWebKit trunk is now in Qt snapshots

Up until now if you wanted to enjoy YouTube you had to link Arora to a hand compiled version of QtWebKit, aka QtWebKit trunk. This was an extra annoying step that many people have done. But no more! QtWebKit trunk has been merged into Qt main (what will be Qt 4.5) so to enjoy all of the latest QtWebKit features such as flash and the new javascript engine all you have to do is compile Arora against a Qt snapshot. When upgrading to qt-snapshot you will also get disk cache, a new tabbar and other improvements. For your convenience here are links to the correct spot to report issues you find:

Bugs for Arora Dialogs, bookmarks, download manager, i.e. everything , but rendering.
Bug for QtWebKit Webpage rendering issues
Bugs for Qt Qt specific bugs or Qt compile issues.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

have been able to install and compile Arora on Windows XP with the last Qt snapshot that includes QtWebKit trunk. Arora works perfectly.
But when Arora uses Flash plugins, from Mozilla, it crashes normally.