Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Binaries with Qt 4.5 snapshots

We have two new binaries bundles for people to play around with.

Windows: Arora Snapshot (10-7-2008) Installer.exe
OS X: Arora-intel-qt4.5.dmg

Both binaries use the Qt 4.5 snapshot so you will get the faster javascript and plugin support. The previous Windows binary which was a little old now and had been up there for two month had been downloaded over 20K times. It is fantastic the number of people who have downloaded and checked out Arora. The new OS X package was made using the new macdeployqt which is include in Qt 4.5 and makes creating an application bundle with Qt much easier.


LEW21 said...

Maybe a snapshot for GNU/Linux?

Christoph said...

+1 for a deb package ;-)

umnomequalquer said...

its pretty fast... i got here from reddit