Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Reaching the end of the month and so Arora 0.4 has been tagged. No major features this time, just consistent improvements and polish (there was some downtime as I moved back to the states this past month). You can download the Arora 0.4 source or head over to the Arora project page where binaries for your favorite distro are be uploaded (and if it is missing feel free to contribute one!).

- New source viewer with search and syntax highlighting.
- Make middle click on bookmarks menus open the user in a new tab.
- Added the ability to change the language from the Help menu.
- Double left click location bar selects all of the text.
- Incorporate Jens Explorer style into Arora on Window for a better look and feel on XP and Vista.
- Change the "icon" on the next/prev search for RTL desktops: next points to the right, and previous points to the right
- Various RightToLeft fixes for for Mozilla's bug
- When the url scheme is https make the location bar background turn yellow.
- When the history is cleared also clear the recently closed tabs list
- Always populate the location bar with the completer
- Only shrink the toolbar icons on OS X.
- Only offset the search widget text when using Qt 4.5
- When clicking on a bookmark in a folder in the toolbar emit the proper signals to the url is opened.
- When dropping text on the webpage load the url
- When the location bar has focus don't change the text.

A big thanks to everyone new who contributed to this release.

Benjamin C Meyer
Diego Iastrubni
Jason A. Donenfeld
Jakub Lužný
Christian Franke
Matvey Kozhev
Ariya Hidayat
Josef Kufner
Adam Treat
Daniel Albuschat
Vincenzo Reale
Tor Arne Vestbø
John Schember
Chris Lee
Zack Rusin
Simon Hausmann
Marius Bugge Monsen
Gergely Nagy
Chris Hills
Carlos Júnior

Things are looking up for the future releases. Beyond what is planned for Arora, WebKit trunk has been merged into the Qt snapshots which will bring lots of goodies from SquirlFish Extreame to OGG video.


Anonymous said...

I'm very grateful to see that my name is in the Authors list, and also glad about the Arora evolution. It's becoming my first choice browser very fast.

Carlos Júnior

darkstar said...

Beautiful browser! Fast, very fast! Is it possible to scale the whole page, including images, not just the text?

Thanks a lot! I am considering Qt 4.5 snapshot for flash and hopefully java support and quit firefox which is way too slow!


GOo said...

What does it mean "Arora"?

Benjamin Meyer said...

The name Arora does not stand for anything. When coming up with names it was the one that people liked the best. It is also a palindrome which is cool.