Tuesday, August 26, 2008

100 on Acid3

Zecke has posted a blog entry showing off some patches to QtWebKit that brings QtWebKit Acid3 test to 100/100. Head over and give him thank for taking the time to track down the edge cases.


Bosch said...

good job!

Anonymous said...

I'm happy by discover this incredible browser! I love it so much and hope that it be improves and grow up!
Please, please, please! Don't stop the development of this program because it have future! I can see it, and believe that some day it will be better than a lot of browsers in the world that only have names...

Is true, I believe in this browser and hope that it proceed, grow up and improving even more!
Thank to all of you by develop this wonderful browser!

I find it on Google Code and apologise for my english, but I brazilian and I'm learning english yet.
Congratulations and NO STOP!

bornFreeThinker said...

don't work on windows xp. crash on 23% results