Monday, August 4, 2008


I am happy to announce Arora 0.3. Many new features and improvements are in this release. Keeping the goals of the project the biggest feature was the addition of boring disk cache when using the Qt 4.5 snapshot. Cache is a fundimental feaure of a browser and to a simple browser without one isn't much of a browser. It is not just a feature for Arora, but something that is desired by anyone using QtWebkit or QNetworkAccessManager and I have worked hard the past two weeks getting the feature completed. More details can be found on trolltech labs. After the disk cache, the class the makes up the Location bar has been re-written. The new class is fundamentally much cleaner and designed to have the ability to add more widgets in the location bar. A feature that will hopefully be used by extensions in the future.

The complete list of changes:

- With Qt 4.5 use disk cache
- Created a new LineEdit that handles adding side widgets in a clean, simple and elegant way.
- With Qt 4.5 use movable tabs
- Add a way to set the minimum font size in the settings.
- When you ctrl-click on a bookmark item in the bookmark toolbar open it in a new tab
- Fix possible crash on startup; Initialize htmls resource
- When making the text larger or smaller, use predefined zoom levels.
- Mouse button 4 and 5 connected to action back and forward. like firefox and ie
- Clear history: Added confirm dialog
- Shortcuts in the Edit menu like in Firefox.
- Save the state of inspector across sessions.
- When only a hostname and port are entered in the url prepend http://
- Base the width of the tab on a font rather then a hard coded value
- Tweak the main window look better on OS X and less out of place
- Add support for javascript bookmarklets
- Add option to automatically restore the session on startup.
- Fix segfault caused by the clear private data dialog.
- Save the location of the toolbars
- Improve a number of the strings (feedback from MentalMaelstrom)
- Tweak action accelerators (the same ones were being used)

Build system
- Allow building Arora with both Debug/Release of WebKit trunk
- Only include the sha1 and change number in the version when using git.
- Create utils directory to contain non-Arora specific classes
- Run desktop file through desktop-file-validate and correct the errors

- Add QTRY_COMPARE and QTRY_VERIFY for the autotests to use.
- add AUTOTESTS define when running autotests to prevent accessing running arora's and sending url's to it
- Fix autotest failures (test related, not arora)
- Detect which version of qmake to use when building the autotests
- Give a 1 second punishment if there is no autotest for the source file that was changed
- Emit a warning of a file doesn't have a matching autotest
- Update modeltest code to match Trolltech's svn

And the full list of the authors, now even longer!

Jason A. Donenfeld
Jakub Lužný
Matvey Kozhev
Ariya Hidayat
Josef Kufner
Daniel Albuschat
Adam Treat
Tor Arne Vestbø
John Schember
Chris Lee
Vincenzo Reale
Simon Hausmann
Marius Bugge Monsen
Gergely Nagy
Chris Hills

P.S. For those of you using WebKit trunk on Windows I have been informed that flash support is in/done and to please report any issues you notice.


CLM said...

Great work. I finished compiling yesterday and arora is fantastic. It works nicely now with the google applications and I'm using for testing web sites for webkit compatibility as well. It's the fastest browser on my linux desktop.

Proarci said...

Tha .deb Arora 0.3 package for Ubuntu 8.04 can not be installed cause it depends on libqt4- >=4.4.1, but Ubuntu still is in 4.4.0. I forced it with sudo dpkg -i –force-all *
and it works, so maybe you can adjust dependencies. great works, anyway.

Vincenzo Reale said...

Hi Benjamin,
please delete smart2128 from arora's authors.
It's the nick I used to send my first revision before subscribing jithub.


Benjamin Meyer said...

@Vincenzo: future versions will merge your names :)

PhoeniX said...

I have tried arora for couple days - it's awesome! Meets all my requirements and no feature overhead.
I'm a gentoo fan, but sometimes I work in different places (and different OSes too :( ), and I want to have this great browser everywhere, so, the question is: is there a possibility to use it like portable app with suite or something like that? Thanks.

PhoeniX said...
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