Monday, July 7, 2008

Arora on the web

Lately I have noticed Arora being mentioned at various places around the net. Collecting them together here are various things, from blog entries, reviews, commentary or just shoutout's about Arora.

An excellent overview of Arora
Another review of Arora
A suggestion to make Arora the default browser on suse.
Arora is now on Wikipedia.
On Digg
Linquidat's article on reddit
Mentioned on various forums such as this one
Blog entry from when Arora first was announced.
Showing off Arora in QGtkstyle
A dev is looking for a new browser and gets lots of suggestions to check out Arora
Arora in Debian Sid
Arora in Arch Linux
Enabling the webInspector in Arora

Feel free to post more links you know about or find.

Arora in a wordpress plugin screenshot


yngwin said...

Arora in Gentoo:

NandoGnuLinux said...

Arora review in Spanish:

Andrew Min said...

Add to that the latest version of Full Circle Magazine (the unofficial Ubuntu magazine, gets TONS of hits):

Check the Top5.

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