Tuesday, May 20, 2008

YouTube and more developers

Although not new news I figured you all would enjoy seeing youtube working in Arora with webkit trunk and what you can look forward to in Qt 4.5. (disclaimer: webkit trunk is a bit broken sometimes and really for development, not users) This screenshot was taken in KDE4, notice the Oxygen style bugs, most notably with the scrollbars, hopefully those guys will fix that soon.

After returning from my vacation and with the release of Qt 4.4 there has been a lot of interest in helping out with Arora. A number of people have joined the irc room and contributed patches too. There are two new wiki pages, the first one is a getting started page to help people build Arora that are curious and the second is a contributing page with one way you can contribute patches to Arora. Others have begun reporting bugs and feature requests. Very exciting!

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Anonymous said...

Those are not "Oxygen style bugs"; Qt 4 just exposes a bunch of the same bugs in XAA that cairo has been. So they are XFree86/Xorg bugs, but Xorg is moving to EXA and they stated that XAA is no longer maintained. So these will never get fixed. But they will go away once your video driver gets ported to EXA.