Thursday, May 22, 2008

Windows Binary

Jason Donenfeld has built a nice windows installer of the current version of Arora with Qt 4.4.0 so all the Windows users to give Arora a whirl without having to compile anything.

Lots of little improvements have been going in and we got a new dialog to reset Arora today. If you noticed a memory leak before, upgrading should fix that for you.


Snazzy said...

thanks for your work!!! I can't type some characters with the keyboard like @ in the forms of the webpages (windows xp)!!! and... how can I add the flash plugin to arora??!

Виталий said...

I've made rpm packages for openSUSE 10.3 from current git
i586 and x86_64 here

It built against

tilkov said...

Incredible work! I was looking for a fast browser for my KDE 3 desktop (waiting for KDE 4.1 ...) and Arora fits perfectly. Thanks a lot!