Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hello World

After forking from the demo browser in Qt I wanted to add at least one new feature before announcing Arora and that feature turned out to be the search banner. When the search box is shown an animation drops it down from the top of the webpage. The cool part is that as it does this the webpage is scrolled the same amount that the widget is moved down causing the page to not view from the viewers perspective.


Ariya Hidayat said...

Because I am not used to Safari, at first I was confused because I did not expect the search banner to be on that top right corner. Maybe we can change the background color to be not-to-subtle? Or even configure it to be on the bottom (like Firefox)?

Nitin Mahajan said...

I was thinking, how would be the idea of creating a small framework within the browser application, so that exporting any object to JavaScript window becomes very easy for a developer.
Right now anybody who wants to do the same has to take care of many things, like exporting the object from right place in the browser application, how to make available any objects those would get created dynamically.
The frame work would take care of all the related details of exporting object.

Solardeity said...

Interesting webbrowser, great..
I didnt try it out yet, but I have a few questions..

Is it based on Firefox?
If yes then it is also based on Gtk?

How about a full port to Qt - KDE4.1?